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Selling Ads with adHub is Easy

Here's the Step-by-Step Guide to Selling

Step 1: Become a Member

You will need to be logged into your account on the website to access most Publisher features. If you have previously signed up, simply enter your login credentials at the top of the page and hit the Log In button. Otherwise go to the Register page and complete the form. Signing up only takes a few minutes and you will be sent a verification email.

Joining automatically gives you access to all features of the website. Once registered, adHub will need to verify your publication details. After your publication is approved, your Media Kit will need to be completed before you can begin selling.

Step 2: View the Publisher Tutorial

Tutorials are an overview of some important information you'll need to know about creating ads, managing your account and sales. Once you familiarize yourself with adHub, you can get started.

Step 3: Complete your Media Kit

Your Publication's Media Kit is an important component of how Advertisers make their buying decisions about your Ads. Often Advertisers compare media kits from many different publications, so if your Media Kit is not complete and your competitor's is, they will have an advantage. Your Media Kit gives advertisers a good summary of what your Publication offers. It includes such information such as circulation figures, production information and other pertinent details.

Step 4: Start Selling

When you "Create a New Ad", you will be asked if you are inviting Advertisers to 'Make Offers' on your listing in addition to the 'Buy Now' option at the fixed price you set. If you select 'Yes' to the 'Are You Willing to Let Advertisers Make Offers For This Ad?' option, you must set a reserve price, which indicates the minimum price that you will accept for this ad. Advertisers are not shown reserve amounts, however adHub will not accept offers that do not meet your reserve price. Once submitted, offers are valid for 48-hours, until they are rejected or until the listing ends, whichever comes first. We encourage Advertisers to make what they consider to be their "best" offers for ads because if you receive multiple offers you are likely to accept the highest price. If you indicate that you are not interested in accepting offers for your ad, the 'Make Offer' option will not be available to Advertisers and only the 'Buy Now' option will be displayed.

Step 5: Get Paid

adHub charges a 10% commission on the sold price of the ad. For more information on Payment Distributions, please visit our Refund Policy.

Be sure to check out our FAQ and Tutorials page for more answers to your questions.

If you're still having trouble, feel free to Contact Us.

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