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1.  Do I need to submit an invoice to adHub to get paid?
No. You will not need to submit an invoice, adHub automatically generates an insertion order/invoice when an Ad is purchased that is both listed in your 'Sales History' and emailed to you.
2.  When will I get paid for my Ad?
The expected payout date is listed on your Insertion Order. For full details on Payment Distributions, please view our Refund Policy.
3.  What should I do if my Publication does not receive payment?
Please contact adHub at or call us toll free at 866.234.8287.
4.  How do taxes work when I sell ads on adHub?
We are required to collect Government Sales Tax (GST) and/or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on advertising purchases based on the tax information provided by our users under Canadian law. We are not required to collect tax with respect to advertising when a publication does not provide their tax information, however a publication may still have an obligation to pay all applicable taxes with respect to the sale or purchase of advertising (whether through us or otherwise). Although an advertiser may be subject to a different provincial tax rate than a publication, we are required to charge the provincial tax rate of the buyer with respect to the sale or purchase of advertising. In these cases, adHub will collect the appropriate taxes and remit to you for disbursement to the appropriate authorities. The commission portion of the advertising sale is subject to the provincial tax rate of the publication’s home province and will be calculated accordingly. After a transaction is completed all relevant tax information and numbers will be provided. For more information about adHub's tax policies, please view the Terms of Service for Publications.

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