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Selling Ads on adHub

1.  How do I sell advertising space in my publication with adHub?
In order to sell space you must "Create a New Ad' which creates a listing for space on the adHub website. You can create multiple Ads, for different units, and have them run on an ongoing basis, or place a one-time date-sensitive listing, to sell Ads in a specific section or remnant space. For all your listings, you are asked to select the quantity of ads you have available for sale. Once the quantity you enter in the listing is sold, this ad is no longer available to other advertisers and will be retired. You can edit and cancel your listings at any time, except for when offers are pending on an Ad.
2.  How do 'Offers' work?
When listing an Ad, Publications indicate whether they are willing to accept Offers from Advertisers. If the 'Make Offer' option is not selected, it will not appear to the Advertiser in the listing. Publications will have to set a reserve price which indicates the minimum price they will accept for the Ad. Advertisers can then make a publication an Offer, providing that it meets the reserve price. When an offer is made, Publications are notified of the terms. Offers are valid for 48 hours, or until the listing ends, whichever comes first. Advertisers are encouraged to make what they consider to be their "best" offers for ads because Publications who receive multiple offers are likely to accept the highest price.
3.  How many Ads can I run at the same time?
There is no limit to the number of Ads you can list. We suggest that you create standing listings of your ad sizes in high quantities to save time.
4.  What is the difference between a one-time listing and a standing listing?
A one-time listing is used primarily to sell remnant or a time-sensitive space. For instance, if you have a half page in an upcoming issue, you may want to create a listing that has a specific expiration date and/or quantity so that it can only be sold once, to one advertiser. This distinction is defined by the quantity and date you select when you create a new ad.
5.  How will Advertisers know I have listed an ad?
Advertisers have the ability to add your Publication to their Favourites list. Once they do so, they will be notified when you "Create a New Ad." adHub also sends weekly emails to our Advertisers about ad opportunities.
6.  How do I know if one of my Ads was sold?
You will be sent an email when an Ad is purchased as well as get a system notification. You can also review purchases from your 'Purchased Ads' page.
7.  What happens if my Ad doesn't sell?
Retired or Expired Ads can be reposted by visiting the "Ad Listings" or "Retired Ads" pages in the My adHub section.
8.  How do taxes work when I sell ads on adHub?
We are required to collect Government Sales Tax (GST) and/or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on advertising purchases based on the tax information provided by our users under Canadian law. We are not required to collect tax with respect to advertising when a publication does not provide their tax information, however a publication may still have an obligation to pay all applicable taxes with respect to the sale or purchase of advertising (whether through us or otherwise). Although an advertiser may be subject to a different provincial tax rate than a publication, we are required to charge the provincial tax rate of the buyer with respect to the sale or purchase of advertising. In these cases, adHub will collect the appropriate taxes and remit to you for disbursement to the appropriate authorities. The commission portion of the advertising sale is subject to the provincial tax rate of the publication’s home province and will be calculated accordingly. After a transaction is completed all relevant tax information and numbers will be provided. For more information about adHub's tax policies, please view the Terms of Service for Publications.

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