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Marketing Your Publication

1.  What is the 'Feature Ad' option?
adHub lets you feature your Ad for a small fee. Featured Ads appear on the front page slider and on the "Featured Ads" page of the website. This option is available to Publications when they create a new ad.
2.  Can you explain 'Feature' charges?
Feature charges are made through a Publications adHub $Dollar balance. These charges apply only if you select the 'Feature' option when you create your Ad. Featuring or marketing your Ad can help make it stand out in the search results on the website.
3.  What is an adHub $Dollar?
This is a pre-paid deposit method for marketing your ads and publications on adHub. Publications deposit funds to their adHub $Dollar balance via Credit Card so that they may 'Feature' ads on the website. Feature Ad fees are deducted daily from the adHub $Dollar balance which ensures that Publications are not charged after their ad has been sold. Balances can be topped up at any time. Once a balance has been added you will then be directed to make payment for it.
4.  If I choose to 'Feature' an Ad, how am I charged for it?
The cost of featuring an ad is $10 daily. To 'Feature' ads, you need to first pre-load your adHub $Dollar balance. After adding a balance, feature fees are charged daily based on the date(s) that you set when you create or edit an ad. We do this to ensure that Publications are not charged after their ad has been sold.
5.  Is adHub secure when entering my payment information?
Once you have logged in the adHub website the first thing you should notice is that it takes you to a page that begins with https in the URL bar of your browser. The letter s on the https: is very important as it tells you the page is secure or SSL encrypted site. Any time you are asked for personal or financial information, you should be on a website that starts with https. You should never enter your personal or financial information into the adHub website if you do not see the https: in the beginning of the website or url.

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