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After The Sale

1.  What is "Sales History?"
This area lists all the details of the ads you have sold including contact information of the Advertisers.
2.  How do I know if one of my Ads was sold?
You will be sent an email when an Ad is purchased as well as get a system notification. You can also review purchases from your 'Purchased Ads' page.
3.  How do I monitor my Ad Sales Activity?
You can view your sales activity and who has purchased your ads by viewing the "Sales" or the "Sales History" pages. You also will be notified by email when an ad is sold.
4.  How will I know the exact specs of an Ad after it is sold?
You will receive an insertion order that will outline the details of the Ad and the amount of money adHub wil pay your Publication. You may also view the these details from the "Sales History" page from the My adHub section.
5.  What happens if the Advertiser has a problem with the Ad that was run?
Any disputes over the appearance of an Ad are to be settled between the Advertiser and the Publication directly. adHub only handles the payment for the ad. Please refer to the Terms of Service for more information.
6.  Is the Advertiser aware of my production deadlines?
When an Advertiser purchases an Ad, deadlines you provide are noted on the Ad itself, purchase order and confirmation email. We encourage you to contact the Advertiser as soon as possible to arrange for ad materials delivery.
7.  What happens if the Advertiser requires additional Ad Production that goes beyond the price of an Offer?
Offers are made on Ads only and production fees which are displayed for informational purposes only. Please note that adHub does not collect these fees on your behalf and you will have to deal with the Advertiser directly.
8.  When can/should I contact the Advertiser?
After the Advertiser has paid for the ad, you will be sent an email with the contact information. The information will also be available in the 'Sales Details' area of the "Sales" page on the website. You will need to contact the Advertiser as soon as the transaction is processed to discuss your ad. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser and the Publication to arrange ad delivery
9.  Does the Advertiser receive my contact information?
Yes. After payment is made, your contact information is sent to the Advertiser.
10.  The Advertiser was supposed to send a camera-ready Ad, but did not, what should I do?
It is the Publication and the Advertiser's responsibility to ensure ad materials are submitted in a timely manner. Please review adHub' Refund Policy for more information.

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