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Getting Offers

1.  Am I obligated to accept an offer I receive for my Ad?
No. If you do not receive any offers you are interested in for your Ad, you can reject them all.
2.  How do 'Offers' work?
When listing an Ad, Publications indicate whether they are willing to accept Offers from Advertisers. If the 'Make Offer' option is not selected, it will not appear to the Advertiser in the listing. Publications will have to set a reserve price which indicates the minimum price they will accept for the Ad. Advertisers can then make a publication an Offer, providing that it meets the reserve price. When an offer is made, Publications are notified of the terms. Offers are valid for 48 hours, or until the listing ends, whichever comes first. Advertisers are encouraged to make what they consider to be their "best" offers for ads because Publications who receive multiple offers are likely to accept the highest price.
3.  Can I accept multiple Offers?
Yes. You can accept as many offers as you would like providing you have the quantity available in the listing. When the deadline of the Offer has expired, it will no longer be available though.
4.  What should I set my reserve price at if I choose to accept Offers?
You are the best judge of how much money you would like to receive on any given Ad. However, the more competitive your reserve amount is, the more offers you should receive.

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