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Organize Your Sales Effort

1.  As a publication, what can I do to help my advertisers?
Establishing how many readers read a typical issue of your publication and your demographic is essential for your clients to know. Making this information easy to understand and accessible would be a step in the right direction for establishing a bond with your potential advertisers. Going the extra mile and determining where would be the most effective place in your publication for your clients to advertise and what would be the best ad size for your advertisers are great steps to take as well. Understand your potential advertiser's businesses before contacting them to advertise in your magazine or newspaper to connect how your publication has benefited similar business in the past and how your publication may be able to help them if they advertise with you in the future.
2.  What are cost-efficient ways to find new advertisers for my publication?
Using adHub is an easy way to find businesses that are looking for advertising. By tapping into our databases you'll be able to find the perfect advertising matches for your publication. If you're particularly having trouble getting a hold of advertisers you could use adHub's Make Offer tool which will appeal directly to price-conscious advertisers or advertisers testing out print solutions for the first time.
3.  How much do ad representatives make from an ad sale?
This number varies greatly but it is often 8 to 25 per cent of the gross. The number often fluctuates due to the roles different people play in regards to the sale.
4.  How can my publication boost sales during the slow times?
It is often the best to create advertising around what advertisers you already attract and cater ad supplements to them. For example, a focus on 'back-to-school' could target fashion, school supplies, etc.

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