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Media Kits

1.  Am I required to complete my Publication's Media Kit?
Yes. There are a few fields in the Media Kit that must be entered, however many are not required. It is important to note that the more information that an Advertiser has to make a buying decision, the easier it will be to sell your Ads.
2.  What does my publication's Media Kit consist of on adHub?
The Media Kit is a snapshot of what your publication offers. It will include such information such as circulation figures, production information and other pertinent details. This information will help Advertisers make their buying decisions.
3.  How and why do I 'Edit Media Kit'?
The "Publications" area of the website gives you access to your Publication's setting including the ability to edit or add its Media Kit. The Media Kit is a snapshot of your publication and will likely be viewed by all Advertisers who want to purchase an ad. There are some fields in your Media Kit that are required before you begin selling. But you may complete all of it or a portion of it at any time. It is beneficial for you to complete your Media Kit because an Advertiser will be more likely to purchase from your publication if the Media Kit information is complete.
4.  Can I edit my Media Kit?
Yes. You can edit your Media Kit at any time. Once the changes have been saved, the last date updated will be displayed.
5.  Who will be able to see my Media Kit?
Anyone using the website can view your Media Kit.
6.  Now that I have completed my Media Kit, how will Advertisers be able to find me?
Advertisers can find your publications through the 'Browse' function of the website. If they are looking for a Publication that matches your niche, format or other criteria specific to you it will appear in their results. You may also want to consider marketing your publication by featuring it through adHub.

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