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My adHub

1.  What is 'My adHub?'
My adHub is a convenient and flexible way of accessing and controlling your publication details, Ad listings and transactions.
2.  How do I access 'My adHub'?
After you have registered, you can log in to access this section from the top navigation of the website.
3.  How should I use My adHub?
My adHub is a great way to view the status of the Sales and Offers you are a part of. It also gives quick access to your adHub Notifications.
4.  How do I change my account settings?
Edit settings in your profile by following the "Settings" page from the My adHub section.
5.  What is "Sales History?"
This area lists all the details of the ads you have sold including contact information of the Advertisers.
6.  Can I change both my password and email address?
Yes. You can edit both your password and email address from the 'Settings' page in the 'My adHub' section.
7.  What is the benefit of saving an Ad as a Template?
If you are creating the same or similar Ads regularly, you may wish to save a Template. All the details of the Ad are saved for quick access. You can create a new Ad from the template and still be able to make changes.
8.  What does the 'Mark As' option in my "Sales" and "Sales History" do?
The 'Mark As' option allows you to control how your ad sales and sales history are displayed. By keeping items 'Current' you can stay on top of fulfillment for your publication.

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