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Accepting Offers

1.  How do 'Offers' work?
When listing an Ad, Publications indicate whether they are willing to accept Offers from Advertisers. If the 'Make Offer' option is not selected, it will not appear to the Advertiser in the listing. Publications will have to set a reserve price which indicates the minimum price they will accept for the Ad. Advertisers can then make a publication an Offer, providing that it meets the reserve price. When an offer is made, Publications are notified of the terms. Offers are valid for 48 hours, or until the listing ends, whichever comes first. Advertisers are encouraged to make what they consider to be their "best" offers for ads because Publications who receive multiple offers are likely to accept the highest price.
2.  How long are Offers valid for?
Every Offer has an countdown date that displayed on the "Offers" page. You have 48-hours to respond to each offer before it expires. The time remaining to accept is displayed beside the offer terms.
3.  Am I obligated to accept an offer I receive for my Ad?
No. If you do not receive any offers you are interested in for your Ad, you can reject them all.
4.  Can I accept multiple Offers?
Yes. You can accept as many offers as you would like providing you have the quantity available in the listing. When the deadline of the Offer has expired, it will no longer be available though.
5.  Why are there multiple offers from different Advertisers?
adHub's system allows multiple offers for every 'Make Offer' ad that you have listed. This allows you to accept all, some or none of the offers different Advertisers make based on your inventory.
6.  Can I accept more than one offer from a specific Advertiser?
Yes. You can accept as many offers as you wish. When the deadline of the Advertiser offer has expired though, it will no longer be available.
7.  How do I choose what Offers to accept?
Which Offer to accept is subjective. When you receive an Offer, you will receive an email with the details of the terms and price being offered. Many Publications will simply accept the offer with highest price while others have different criteria from which they select from.
8.  What if I'm not satisfied with any of the offers I received?
You are under no obligation to accept offers. You can reject all the offers if you wish.
9.  How do I find out more about an Advertiser who has made me an Offer?
When an Offer is made the Publication is notified of the details including the business type and province of the Advertiser. No further details are provided until the Offer is accepted.
10.  How do I contact the Advertiser?
After the Advertiser has paid, you will immediately be sent an email with their contact information. The information will also be available in the 'Sales Details' area of the "Sales" pages of the website.
11.  Why have some of my Offers expired?
Advertiser offers include a date and time when they are submitted and are valid for 48-hours. If the ad listing ad expires before an offer is accepted, it is no longer valid.
12.  What happens if the Advertiser requires additional Ad Production that goes beyond the price of an Offer?
Offers are made on Ads only and production fees which are displayed for informational purposes only. Please note that adHub does not collect these fees on your behalf and you will have to deal with the Advertiser directly.

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