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1.  Will Advertisers be able to find my Publication if it has not been verified?
Publications are not listed on the adHub website until they have been verified.
2.  How and why does adHub verify my publication?
After you have submitted your publication during the initial registration, an adHub representative will contact you. We do this to double ensure that all our publications are authenticated and are not already listed in our system.
3.  How is my publication already in the adHub system if I have never been to the website?
Another person from your publication may have previously registered your publication.
4.  Is the Advertiser aware of my production deadlines?
When an Advertiser purchases an Ad, deadlines you provide are noted on the Ad itself, purchase order and confirmation email. We encourage you to contact the Advertiser as soon as possible to arrange for ad materials delivery.
5.  How do Advertisers use my Publication information to buy ads?
Advertisers can view the Ads you have for sale, research your Media Kit or they can add your publication to their 'My Favourite Publications' list so they will be notified any time you create a new ad.
6.  Can I register more than one publication?
Yes. Publishers can register more than publication. However only one can be added during the initial registration. After your account has been verified, you can add new publications by going to the "Add New Publication" page in the My adHub section.
7.  Now that I have completed my Media Kit, how will Advertisers be able to find me?
Advertisers can find your publications through the 'Browse' function of the website. If they are looking for a Publication that matches your niche, format or other criteria specific to you it will appear in their results. You may also want to consider marketing your publication by featuring it through adHub.
8.  What information is provided to Advertisers on my Publication page?
An Advertiser will be able to view your Media Kit and view any Ads that you have listed.

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