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adHub Costs, Charges & Payments

1.  Is adHub really free?
Yes. Our commission is only deducted when an Ad is sold by your Publication.
2.  Are there any registration fees?
There are no fees associated with registering on adHub. You can register your Publication and complete your full online Media Kit for free.
3.  If I sell ad space on adHub, how does my Publication get paid?
Advertisers pay adHub immediately when purchasing Ads. After the payment clears, adHub sends the money to your Publication minus its commission.
4.  How is adHub paid?
When an ad is sold through adHub, the Advertiser's credit card is charged. adHub deducts its 10% commission at the time the transaction occurs. The remainder of the ad cost is forwarded to your Publication.
5.  Are there any other fees, besides the commission, associated with using adHub?
No. However if you elect to 'Feature' an Ad, making it more visible to potential Advertisers, those fees will be deducted from your pre-paid adHub $Dollars balance.
6.  Can you explain 'Feature' charges?
Feature charges are made through a Publications adHub $Dollar balance. These charges apply only if you select the 'Feature' option when you create your Ad. Featuring or marketing your Ad can help make it stand out in the search results on the website.
7.  What methods of payment does adHub accept?
Currently adHub accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
8.  How do I pay by cheque?
At this time adHub does not accept cheques.
9.  How does the advertiser pay me?
The Advertiser pays for the ad using adHub's online payment process. After the payment clears, we forward payment to your Publication, minus adHub's' commission.
10.  When is my Publication paid?
adHub will pay your publication for the ad no later than 30 days from the date the payment cleared. For more details, please view our Refund Policy.
11.  Can adHub help my Publication with the problem of collecting ad revenue from Advertisers?
Yes! Since Advertisers pay for their ads immediately, Publications no longer have to wait lengthy periods to get paid for advertising. adHub often settles payment within days.

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