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How adHub Helps Publications

1.  How does adHub work?
adHub helps Publications sell print ads. After registering, Publications can begin selling ads using adHub's innovative system by listing available space and setting the price, size and other details. Ads can be sold once or on an ongoing basis, all controlled by the Publications themselves.
2.  Why should I use adHub?
We believe in print and feel that some of the problems that print publications have been facing recently have more to do with operational hurdles rather than the product itself. Many Publishers still have not discovered a winning formula for profitability, especially in the online space. The surging popularity of e-reading devices and apps has provided some major rejuvenation for Publishers, but print and digital content are still learning how to coexist in a mutually profitable way. Just a few years ago, consumers couldn't fathom using the internet to manage their bank accounts, today though, due to the convenience and flexibility it offers, online banking it is the preferred method of consumers. We make selling ads easy, just log on daily to see the latest offers to buy ads or create listings to sell ad space.
3.  How can adHub help Publications?
Using our proprietary tools, our website provides the opportunity for Publications to tap into new markets, increase revenues and save on costs traditionally associated with generating new clients. Publishers can sell ads in a couple of ways, either through a Buy Now listing, where space is sold in your publication at a fixed price, or through a Make Offer listing, where Publishers indicate the minimum price they will accept for an ad and Advertisers make offers to buy providing it meets the reserve price.
4.  Can adHub help my Publication with the problem of collecting ad revenue from Advertisers?
Yes! Since Advertisers pay for their ads immediately, Publications no longer have to wait lengthy periods to get paid for advertising. adHub often settles payment within days.
5.  What about the additional time involved in using the website?
Registration takes just a few minutes. Once you become familiar with the website it will easily help save you and your staff time by helping drive your sales efforts in the online space.
6.  How can adHub help Publications that do not have time or money to hire a sales staff?
adHub opens up markets and Advertisers previously inaccessible. Since there are no geographic or operational limitations, it becomes your virtual sales force. Another amazing benefit is that it can help Publications build an online presence without having to pay for costly website development.
7.  How could I possibly need adHub when I have a group of salespeople?
Of particular importance in today's publishing environment: "training old media people on new media." People who have cut their teeth on print magazines must now adapt to an alien frontier, where content is up-to-the-minute and technology changes constantly. A Publication's success is now contingent upon the ability to keep current with industry and tech trends. Salespeople are not infallible, but adHub isn't. The low 10 percent commission is only paid when an ad is sold and can be a valuable resource in providing leads.
8.  How do I increase ad revenues without risk?
Since there are no fees to use adHub, the only cost to your publication is the 10 percent commission deducted from the ad sale price. This means simply that your Publication does not pay adHub unless an ad is sold.
9.  What are cost-efficient ways to find new advertisers for my publication?
Using adHub is an easy way to find businesses that are looking for advertising. By tapping into our databases you'll be able to find the perfect advertising matches for your publication. If you're particularly having trouble getting a hold of advertisers you could use adHub's Make Offer tool which will appeal directly to price-conscious advertisers or advertisers testing out print solutions for the first time.

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