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How adHub Helps Advertisers

1.  Can adHub help save on print advertising?
Yes! adHub was created to help save Advertisers time and money on their print advertising. You select the publication and ads that meet your budget and can often pay far less for your print than ever before.
2.  Is adHub really that convenient?
Absolutely. With our unique buying system you can bypass the onerous steps of ad buying and do so at your own terms 24/7.
3.  How does buying ads with adHub differ from doing it offline?
All adHub transactions take place on our clients own terms and schedules. With adHub, Advertisers aren't forced to engage in sales pitches, meetings and calls to negotiate rates. Most importantly ads can be bought 24/7 from the comfort of your computer.
4.  Print advertising is very confusing, where can I get help?
With adHub, a few clicks reveal important publication details to assist in your research. Our unique tools sort Publication and Ad information based on criteria you choose, to display the information needed to help make your media buying decisions. Our Help, FAQ and Glossary sections can help you find detailed information on everything from the print process to advertising theory.
5.  Can adHub help Advertising Agencies?
Yes. Using adHub's tools agencies can target and expand reach into new and untapped markets. By simplifying the ad sales process adHub can help Advertising Agencies in everything from planning hours to commissions. As media planning and buying is conducted on adHub's website in a fast and convenient format, agencies save time and money that can be passed on to their clients.
6.  How can adHub's ad and publication browsers help me?
adHub's Publication Browser shows you what ad listings are available, their advertising rates and their associated media kits. Having all this information at your fingertips saves a lot of time and effort for advertisers rather than contacting each publication individually.

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