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1.  Why is brand awareness important for advertisers?
Brand awareness refers to the recognition of a brand by the general public. It is important to note, however that high brand awareness doesn't mean that people will buy a product from that brand immediately. It does mean that people may pay more attention to the brand in the future as they are now familiar with it.
2.  What are headlines and are they necessary?
In advertising, a headline refers to the title that catch the viewer's interest immediately. Headlines are highly encouraged as they draw in the reader into the rest of the ad.
3.  What is the advantage for asking for an ad placement "above the fold?"
As most newspapers are folded in half, "above the fold" refers to the top-half of the paper above the fold. It is most common for newspapers which contain this fold to be displayed folded. This means that advertising and editorial content on the cover of the paper would get the most exposure on the stands.
4.  What are ways to ensure that my ads are effective?
Trying out advertising for a while and depending solely on sales is a tried, tested and true method for seeing for yourself if your advertising is working. By monitoring how well your sales are doing when you're advertising and seeing how they do without advertising, you'll be able to get a grasp of the effectiveness of your advertising. Ad-specific tracking devices which include a different URL or telephone printed where ever the ad appears allow you to measure where your ad is picking up the most traction. A similar tactic is to include a coupon or a coupon code with your advertisement. If you vary them where every one of your ads are printed you'll be able to see where customers are coming across your ad the most. Simply asking your customers where they heard of you when preforming transactions is a simple yet effective way to understand if your advertising is working.
5.  Is it best to place ads in the same place in a publication?
Ads are often best when they are viewed repeatedly, so having your ad placed next to the same place in a magazine or newspaper in every reoccurring issue will help with the re-exposure process. It may also make it easy for people to find your business if need be later for their own reference or later.

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