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Ad Frequency

1.  Why should advertisers run their ads multiple times?
Advertising results are often not instant and as because of that, it may require multiple runs of ads before adequate results are achieved. This does not necessarily mean that the exact same ad must be run but should be related ads from the same campaign. It is often suggested that ads run several times in the same publication, also known as building 'frequency' so that they could be easily found in the future by those who may be interested in the product or service mentioned, or by those who would like to forward information from your ad to others. Running ads multiple times also ensures your brand's credibility and builds your reputation.
2.  Is it best to place ads in the same place in a publication?
Ads are often best when they are viewed repeatedly, so having your ad placed next to the same place in a magazine or newspaper in every reoccurring issue will help with the re-exposure process. It may also make it easy for people to find your business if need be later for their own reference or later.

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