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Advertising Strategy

1.  How can direct response advertising help advertisers?
Direct response advertising encourages the viewers of an advertisement to act immediately. This may be by suggesting to buy products quickly (due to the likes of limited supplies) or to find out more about the product by calling a phone number or visiting a web address.
2.  Why is brand awareness important for advertisers?
Brand awareness refers to the recognition of a brand by the general public. It is important to note, however that high brand awareness doesn't mean that people will buy a product from that brand immediately. It does mean that people may pay more attention to the brand in the future as they are now familiar with it.
3.  What is business-to-business advertising and how is it beneficial?
As opposed to consumer advertising which is aimed at the customer in the general population; business-to-business advertising is targeted at a particular segment of the market that is already in the business or industry.
4.  How can cooperative advertising help me?
With co-operative (co-op) advertising, you can share the advertising costs with another company, business or partner. Co-operative advertising is often used by distributors and manufactures and other partners where more than one party has a benefit in selling the advertised product or service. This may include running more than one company or product logo in the ad and all the companies participating would pay a share for the ad.
5.  What does CPM stand for and why is it important?
CPM is short for cost-per-thousand and is a formula that helps ad buyers compare how much ad space costs between publications. The formula works by dividing the cost of an ad by its circulation in thousands - CPM is the result. For example if the cost of an ad is $2000.00 in a magazine with a circulation of 40,000. The formula is: $2000/40 = A CPM of $50
6.  How much should I budget for advertising?
There isn't a set amount for advertising that tends to work for everyone; however the typical company spends about 3 to 10 per cent of their budget on advertising. Spending on the higher end of the scale isn't uncommon for more successful companies as they often value advertising and attribute it to their success. We suggest trying spending a certain amount on advertising at first and changing the amount depending on the outcome. An easy way to keep track of the effectiveness of your advertising is ask your customers where they heard of your business through surveys.
7.  What are cost-efficient ways to advertise?
Try advertising in local publications as oppose to national magazines and newspapers. If local advertising proves to still be costly, find more unique ways to advertise which will still legitimatize your business.
8.  What is the advantage for asking for an ad placement "above the fold?"
As most newspapers are folded in half, "above the fold" refers to the top-half of the paper above the fold. It is most common for newspapers which contain this fold to be displayed folded. This means that advertising and editorial content on the cover of the paper would get the most exposure on the stands.
9.  What research should I do before taking out advertising?
You should make note of the demographic you believe is interested in the product or service that you're selling. Looking at your sales history should be able to help you in that regard. When that is established try you're best to match the demographic of your product and service with the magazine or newspaper you plan to buy advertising in. You'll be able to find this information with a quick search of your prospective publication on adHub and pulling up their media kit. It's also helpful to look into the competition and see where they are vulnerable in regards to advertising and where it may be difficult to compete with them and match your advertising strategy accordingly.
10.  What are ways to ensure that my ads are effective?
Trying out advertising for a while and depending solely on sales is a tried, tested and true method for seeing for yourself if your advertising is working. By monitoring how well your sales are doing when you're advertising and seeing how they do without advertising, you'll be able to get a grasp of the effectiveness of your advertising. Ad-specific tracking devices which include a different URL or telephone printed where ever the ad appears allow you to measure where your ad is picking up the most traction. A similar tactic is to include a coupon or a coupon code with your advertisement. If you vary them where every one of your ads are printed you'll be able to see where customers are coming across your ad the most. Simply asking your customers where they heard of you when preforming transactions is a simple yet effective way to understand if your advertising is working.
11.  Is it best to place ads in the same place in a publication?
Ads are often best when they are viewed repeatedly, so having your ad placed next to the same place in a magazine or newspaper in every reoccurring issue will help with the re-exposure process. It may also make it easy for people to find your business if need be later for their own reference or later.

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