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adHub Notifications

1.  When will I receive system messages on my "Notifications" page?
adHub Notifications appear when specific action has been taken on a listing or transaction you are involved in, system updates occur or special promotions are available.
2.  Can I reply to messages received in my adHub Account?
No, adHub Notifications are simple system messages and cannot be replied to.
3.  How will I know when my Offer has expired?
You will be able to see when an Offer has expired in several ways. Your adHub Notifications will display a message alerting you that your Offer has expired, it will no longer appear in 'Pending Ads' and via email if you check this setting in your Preferences.
4.  What does the 'Mark As' option in my 'Notifications" "Ad Buy Summary" and "Transactions" pages do?
The 'Mark As' option allows you to control how your ad buys and transactions are displayed. By keeping items 'Current' you can stay on top of fulfillment for your ads.

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