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Monitoring My Buys

1.  How do I stay on top of all Offers and purchases that I am participating in?
You can simply monitor your ad buys in "Ad Buy Summary" and "Purchase History" pages.
2.  What does the 'Ad Buy Summary' section do?
It sorts your adHub buying activity into different areas called "Ad Buy Summary", "Pending Ads" and "Purchase History." The 'Ad Buy Summary' displays the all the buying activity on your account, the status of your transactions, and other particulars of the buy. 'Pending Ads' displays the Offers you have made and the countdown until they expire and 'Purchase History' displays the purchases you have made with the ability to sort by date.
3.  How will I know when my Offer has expired?
You will be able to see when an Offer has expired in several ways. Your adHub Notifications will display a message alerting you that your Offer has expired, it will no longer appear in 'Pending Ads' and via email if you check this setting in your Preferences.
4.  How do I view the details of my Offers or a purchases?
Click the little magnifying glass under the "Details" column next to the Offer or the Ad and it will provide the details of your purchases.
5.  Where do I find the contact information for a Publication for an ad I purchased?
Click the little magnifying glass under the "Details" column in the "Ad Buy Summary" or "Purchase History" pages to view the ad details including the Publication's contact information.
6.  How long will the information about the ad I purchased be available?
Transaction details will be available for 30 days on the "Ad Buy Summary" page but will always be available on the "Purchase History" page.

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