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Advertiser Responsibilities

1.  Do I need to contact the Publication, or can I just wait for them to contact me?
It is the responsibility of both the Advertiser and the Publication to arrange ad delivery. adHub recommends you contact the Publication as soon as the transaction is processed to discuss your ad.
2.  What should I do if I can't meet the Publication's deadline?
You should contact the Publication immediately to make arrangements for your Ad.
3.  Does it really matter if I do not have a camera-ready ad?
This varies from Publication to Publication. You should contact the Publication immediately to discuss your artwork.
4.  Will adHub refund my money if my Ad is refused by the Publication?
Usually adHub remits payment immediately after the transaction is finalized. Therefore you will need to contact the Publication directly to request a refund. Refund policies may vary from Publication to Publication.
5.  What should I do if I no longer am interested in this Ad and do not want it anymore?
When your Offer is accepted, or if you purchase an Ad through Buy Now, you formed a legally binding contract and purchased the Ad. If you would like a refund, please contact the Publication directly. Please note that you may be subject to penalties detailed in the Terms of Service.

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