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Contacting the Publication

1.  How will I know who to contact after I purchase my ad?
Contact information will be emailed to you after you successfully pay for your ad. You may also access it later on adHub through the 'Purchase Details' link on your "Ad Buy Summary" page.
2.  Do I need to contact the Publication, or can I just wait for them to contact me?
It is the responsibility of both the Advertiser and the Publication to arrange ad delivery. adHub recommends you contact the Publication as soon as the transaction is processed to discuss your ad.
3.  When I contact the Publication, what should I discuss?
It is important to contact the Publication as early as possible to arrange delivery and placement of the necessary materials for your advertisement.
4.  Where should I send my camera-ready ad?
You should make artwork arrangements with the Publication to submit the artwork after you purchase the ad. Production information and contacts are listed on your Purchase Order.
5.  Does it really matter if I do not have a camera-ready ad?
This varies from Publication to Publication. You should contact the Publication immediately to discuss your artwork.
6.  Can a Publication refuse my ad?
A Publication may refuse any ad purchased through adHub. However you should contact adHub's business department at or call us toll free at 866.234.8287. Please refer to the adHub's Terms of Service for more information.
7.  What should I do if my ad didn't run?
You should contact the Publication to resolve the issue.

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