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Paying For Ads

1.  How does the payment process work?
Advertisers will be guided through the payment process when they make an offer or when they buy an ad listed by a Publication. In the case of offers, funds are pre-authorized (not processed) when an offer is made. If an offer is rejected adHub will immediately cancel pre-authorization. If a Publication accepts the offer, the payment will then be processed.
2.  Is adHub secure when entering my payment information?
Once you have logged in the adHub website the first thing you should notice is that it takes you to a page that begins with https in the URL bar of your browser. The letter s on the https: is very important as it tells you the page is secure or SSL encrypted site. Any time you are asked for personal or financial information, you should be on a website that starts with https. You should never enter your personal or financial information into the adHub website if you do not see the https: in the beginning of the website or url.
3.  Who am I paying for the ad - adHub or the Publication?
adHub provides the process for you to pay for your ad, the Publication is then sent the payment minus adHub's commission.
4.  What methods of payment does adHub accept?
Currently adHub accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
5.  Will my Ad cost extra for production?
A Publication will indicate whether production is included when it lists an Ad. Production costs displayed are for informational purposes only and will not be charged by adHub. If there are any additional production fees, they should be arranged directly with the Publication.
6.  I have a camera-ready ad, but the Ad listing indicates an extra production fee, what should I do?
adHub provides production fees for informational purposes only. However, if you have a camera-ready ad you will not have to pay any production fees.
7.  Do I have to pay taxes on the Ads I purchase?
It depends. We are required to collect Government Sales Tax (GST) and/or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on advertising purchases based on the tax information provided by our users under Canadian law. We are not required to collect tax with respect to advertising when a publication does not provide their tax information, however a publication may still have an obligation to pay all applicable taxes with respect to the sale or purchase of advertising (whether through us or otherwise). Although a publication may be subject to a different provincial tax rate than you, we are required to charge your provincial tax rate with respect to the sale or purchase of advertising. In these cases, adHub will collect the appropriate taxes and remit to publications for disbursement. After a transaction is completed all relevant tax information and numbers will be provided. For more information on adHub's tax policies, please visit our Terms of Service for Advertisers.
8.  Can I get a refund if there's a problem with my ad?
Refund requests should be made directly to the Publication. For more information about refunds, please view the "Refund Policy."

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