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Ad Search

1.  How do the 'Browsers' work?
adHub has 'Browsers' that allow you to search for Ads and Publications by applying multiple criteria (a keyword, or criteria from categories) or filters to drill down your search further.
2.  How does 'Browse Ads' work?
This section allows you to view adHub's Ads either in list form or using specific criteria to manage your search. Applying multiple filters to update your search, such as: Price, Colour or Circulation area, you can manage the results based on the criteria you need.
3.  How do I find out more about the ad listing?
Click the publication name on the "Browse Ads" results page, and you'll be taken to the "Ad Details" page.
4.  How long will a specific Ad listing be available?
Every ad has an expiry date that is displayed on the "Ad Details" page that indicates the date that the Ad listing expires on adHub.
5.  What do the little number counts mean in the 'Browsers'?
The numbers in each category show the amount of results available that match the selection. Once filters are applied, another set of numbers are displayed which show the the total number of matches for that selection.
6.  What are 'Featured Ads'?
Featured Ads appear on the front page slider and on the "Featured Ads" page of the website.
7.  What if the Publication I searched for has no ads for sale?
You can fill in the contact form on the Publication detail page or call adHub toll free at 866-234-8287 and we will request that the Publication create an Ad to your specifications.

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