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Ad Listings

1.  What is an Ad?
On adHub an Ad is a listing to sell one or multiple print advertisements in a Publication at a specified price.
2.  What does the 'Run Date in Print' mean?
If the Ad indicates a specific 'Run Date in Print', it indicates the actual date that the ad will appear in the Publication. If there is a range of dates or n/a, the Advertiser and Publication will have to arrange a specific run date at a mutually agreed upon time.
3.  What is the "Market Price?"
The "Market Price" is the rate-card price that Publications usually list in their Media Kits. If there are savings in the 'adHub price' over the market price, they are shown as a percentage of savings in the listing.
4.  What does 'Make Offer' mean?
The 'Make Offer' option allows Advertisers the opportunity to offer to buy an ad at a lower cost than the 'Buy Now' price. If the 'Make Offer' button does not appear in the listing, the seller is not interested in receiving offers for their ad. Offers are valid for 48 hours, or until the listing ends, whichever comes first. Advertisers should make what they consider to be their "best" offers for ads because Publications who receive multiple offers are likely to accept the highest price. However please remember that when you make an offer, you are entering into a contract with this Publication to buy the ad space if accepted.
5.  How do I find out the cost, size, run date and number of insertions on any given ad?
Every Ad on adHub lists the specifications and includes this information on its respective "Ad Details" page.
6.  How long will a specific Ad listing be available?
Every ad has an expiry date that is displayed on the "Ad Details" page that indicates the date that the Ad listing expires on adHub.
7.  What does the ad materials deadline information in an Ad mean?
The ad materials deadline on the Ad is the last date when you must submit your ad to the Publication for printing.
8.  How do I find out more about the Publication who listed the Ad?
On the "Ad Detail" page, click the Media Kit link.
9.  Are Ads listed in square inches or column inches?
Ads are listed in square inches.
10.  I have a camera-ready ad, but the Ad listing indicates an extra production fee, what should I do?
adHub provides production fees for informational purposes only. However, if you have a camera-ready ad you will not have to pay any production fees.

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